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"We Work Hard for Your Business!"

American Business Bureau - "We Work Hard for Your Business!"


"Why Do 90% of Small  Business Owners in America FAIL ?"

The Answer:
  • You Lacked the Proper Planning Skills
  • You Started the Business for the Wrong Reasons
  • You Initiated Poor Management Skills
  • You Started the Business With Insufficient Capital
  • You Selected a Poor Location
  • You Started With No Website or Online Presence
  • You Grew the Business Too Fast
  • You Failed to Track & Control Finances
  • You Overspent at the Wrong Time
  • You Lacked Reserve Capital
  • You Implemented Poor Execution
  • You Did Not Change or Adjust With the Times
  • You Lacked Effective Marketing Skills
  • You Were Too Easily Distracted
  • You Lost Interest in the Business
  • You Lacked the Proper Experience
  • You Lacked Proper Inventory Management Skills
  • You Over-Invested in Fixed Assets
  • You Initiated Poor Credit Arrangements
  • You Utilized Business Funds for Personal Use
  • You Misjudged Your Competition
  • You Failed to Measure Low Sales
  • You Were Complacent & Easily Misled
  • You Failed to Select the Right People
  • You Lacked the Proper Standards & Controls
  • You Lacked Proper Attitude Toward the Customer
  • You Failed to Keep-Up With Technology
  • You Failed to Initiate a Marketing & Advertising Program
  • You Failed to Follow Changes in Prooducts & Services
  • You Became Stuburn & Closed Minded
  • You Failed to Exhibit and/or Inititate Leadership
  • You Were Guilty of Procrastination & Negligence
  • You Failed to Comply with Business Regulations
  • You Hired Incompetent Employees & Managers
  • You Exhibited a Lack of Versatility
  • You Developed a Rigid & Closed Mind
  • You Created Major Cash Flow Problems
The Result:
  • 90% of small business enterprises in America fail and file for bankruptcy and end upDead Broke!”
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