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American Business Bureau - "We Work Hard for Your Business!"

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ABB Small Business Legal Plan
The rising costs of health insurance and the overall running a business has made it very difficult for business owners to make ends meet. The American Business Bureau (ABB) helps alleviate some of that financial pressure by providing business owners with access to a nationawide network of pre-qualified attorneys that will provide them with FREE and Discounted Legal Care.
When to use Your  Assigned Attorney:
  • Business Contracts
  • Patent / Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Landlord /Tenant
  • UCC Filings
  • Workers Compensation
  • Document Review
  • Title Searches
  • Tax Law
  • Accident Liability
  • Employment Matters
  • And Much More
FREE & Discounted Businesss Legal Care
FREE Legal Services:
  • Unlimited initial phone consultations during business hours for new legal matters
  • Attorney will review as many as 5 independent documents each quarter.  These include business documents, contracts, signed or unsigned, up to 10 pages.
  • Initial telephone calls made on behalf of your business if deemed appropriate by your plan attorney (two per month). Follow up calls are made at the guaranteed low hourly rate.
  • Initial letters written on behalf of your business if deemed appropriate by your plan attorney.  Three per month for new subjects; follow up letters are written at the guaranteed low hourly rate.
  • Initial collection letter are limited to 10 per quarter. More than 10, and any follow up letters, are written at the guaranteed low hourly rate or at the jjcontingency fee percentage, depending upon what you and your plan attorney decide.
  • One on one consultations for each new legal matter. Thirty minute time limit per subject matter.  Time over the 30 minutes per subject will be at the guaranteed low hourly rate.
In certain situations, attorney liability may require plan attornerys to ask for a retainer from the member prior to providing some of the FREE Legal Services.
What is the Low Hourly Rate?
Whether in court or out of court, plan attorneys have contrated to charge no more than $125.00 per hour, or 40% off their usual and customary hourly rate, whichever is greater, for legal care that goes beyond the FREE and Discounted services.  In most cases, the attorneys will be able to estimate the amount of hours any given case may consume prior to beginning work on the case.
What is the Contingency Fee Discount?
Attorneys often work on a contingencvy fee basis on such cases as personal injury and collections.  This fee is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount collected or awarded.  In collection matters, your attorney will acept 18% if the case is settled before formal court proceedings begin.  After proceedings begin, the fee is 27%,  On all other contingency matters there is a 10% discount on the lower of wither the state maximum or the attorney’s standard rate.
What is the Low Retainer?
In the case of extended legal care, plan attorneys may ask you for a retainer.  Any retainer sought will be computed by multiplying the number of hours a plan attorney believes a case will take, by the appropriate discounted hourly plan rate.  For instance, 10 hours @ $125.00 = retainer of $1,250.00.  Any unused portion of the retainer will be returned to the member.
Final Note:
The hiring of an attorney is an important decision for you as a business owner.  Before hiring the attorney to whom you may be referred, ask the attorney for written information about the attorney’s qualifications and experience.  This is only an outline of your legal benefits. A complete description of your legal benefits are as follows:
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