American Business Bureau

"We Work Hard for Your Business!"

American Business Bureau - "We Work Hard for Your Business!"

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About ABB
Benefits of Becoming anABB"Approved"Business
1.  Becoming an "Approved"ABB Member is easy & inexpensive.
2.  ABB provides a Logofor all of your advertising/marketing.
3.  ABB assures general public your business is credible, honest & has integrity.
4.  ABBassures consumers /customers that you are an "Approved"       business and maintain high ethical standards & rating.
5.  ABB allows consumers to search your business's report 24/7 with the ABB Helpline Toll FREE telephone # (877) 712-7778.
6.  ABB provides Business Identification with a signed agreement.
7.  Provides special ABB "Approved" Business Wreath Logo on all printed materials for your business.
8.  Provides specvial ABB "Approved" Business Logo in the telephone directory, bid sheets, business cards, flyers, and/or radio ads and any other marketing items.
9.  Provides listing all ABB "Approved" Businesses in special categories.
10.  ABB provides Referral Lists to buyers seeking "Approved" Businesses.
11.  Allow customers to view ABB "Approved" Business on our website at  ABB will link to your internet website at no charge, which send more customers to your business website location.
12.  Provides special encrypted ABB On-Line Logo to your business internet website to show your endoresement of ethical business practices. Consumers can link directly to an ABBreport regarding your business.  The Consumer will gain confidence and trust in you business, based on you commitment to high ethical standards of business practice in the community.
13.  Provides a Decal, Certificate and/or Plaque which shall build the Consumer's confidence and enhance your business advertising and marketing efforts.  Most Consumers would like to conduct business with a company "Approved" by ABB.
14.  Provides a Dispute Resolution Program which helps your business to resolve customer complaints and/or grievances through a process of ABB binding arbitration.  This arbitration process shall allow you to save a great deal of time, effort and money.
15.  Provides "eQuickQuoteSystem" to expedite the connection of the Consumer with an ABB"Approved" Business.  This FREE service allows Consumers to receive price quotations from ABB "Approved"  Businesses based on their designated business category.
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