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Jetblue adds checked bag fees – Jun. 30, 2015

Starting Tuesday, consumers will have to pay to check their bags on the airline, either by purchasing a ticket that covers the fees, or paying them separately at the airport or online.

JetBlue passengers will have three options when buying tickets: Blue, Blue Plus and Blue Flex. It will cost fliers with a Blue fare $20 to check their first bag when checking-in online or at a kiosk. If they wait to check-in at the airport counter, the fee goes up to $25. A second checked bag flies for $35.

There is an average $15 difference between Blue and Blue Plus tickets and around an $85 difference between Blue Plus and Blue Flex, according to Marty St. George, JetBlue’s executive vice president of commercial and planning.

Baggage fees brought in more than $864 million for the U.S. airline industry in the first quarter of 2015, according to the Department of Transportation. Delta collected the most fees at $198 million in the quarter, while jetBlue hauled in almost $22 million.

The airline company, which claims to have the most legroom in coach of any U.S. airline, said its onboard perks, including free snacks, soda and TV will remain in place.



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