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Privacy Statement

ABB Privacy Statement
The American Business Bureau (ABB) respects the privacy of its individual members and all other subsequent (ABB) Website visitors.  (ABB) has established a policy of being forthright and honestregarding all online oriiented activities.  Based onthis policy, we are providing you with an Internet Privacy Statement that will help and assist you in determininghow the information you provide to (ABB) will be utilized responsibly and appropriately.  In an effort to protect each member and prospective member online privacy, (ABB) has adopted the following Privacy Statement:
What Member Information Does (ABB) Request?
The majority of the information that (ABB) requests
from an individual memberis utilized for the sole
purpose of more adequately serving its total membership.
(ABB) will only request personal data athat each member volumtarily submits.  Each time a member visits the (ABB) Website, he/she may knowingly submit personal information that is collected on an individual basis.
(ABB) always tracks aggregate data (volume of visits per website page and internet traffic coverage) that is utilized for (ABB) purposes only.  When (ABB) monitors aggregate data, it does not provide (ABB) with any personal idenfying information.
The “Active Members” section requires each member to identify themselves for the purposee of accessing the sections of the (ABB) Website that is designated for dues-paying (ABB) members. In order to secure access to the “Active Members Only” section, each member is asked to prooperly register and to provide specific personal information that enables (ABB) to promptly veriify the individual’s membership status.  The required information includes, the member’s first and last name, (ABB) membership ID number, and a specific user password.  If an individual chooses to communicate with (ABB) (or a specified (ABB) associate) via facsimile or email, (ABB) may secure the contents of the facsimile and/or email message in conjunction with your email address and/or facsimile number.  (ABB) in the majority of cases, may choose to retain the contents of (ABB) responses to those selected messages.
Please note, that if you receive a facsimile and/or email from (ABB) that you did not request, simply send you reply to the email and request to be removed from the (ABB) Directory.  Your email request will be acted upon and complied with as quickly as possible.
What Are the (ABB) Legal Considerations?
To maintain the security of the (ABB) Website and to properly respond to legal process, (ABB) reserves the right to disclose information as normally required by United States legal statutes.
What Does (ABB) Do With the Data Collected?
Please note that (ABB) Website only utilizes information that you voluntarily submit to (ABB).  (ABB) utilizes the data that is collected to process requests for membership.  Other Data is usually processed, tallied and securely stored.  (ABB) surveys never request, nor collect/acquire, personal data from individuals at random.  Each enquirer may choose to include a personal message and/or comment to any (ABB) survey.  It is understood that you do this at your own discretion and understand that (ABB) may utilize that information at a later date.
In general, (ABB) utilizes all personal information for the specific purpose of (ABB) business administration. In addition, the information may be utilized by (ABB) to improve customer service, expand business activities, and lastly provide our membership with additional discounted products and services.
Please note that (ABB) does not disclose credit card account number and /or information which are submitted by its active members and prospective members.  In all cases, (ABB) submits all information regarding credit cards and for the payment of membership fees to our designated and authorization clearning entity.
Lastly, if any (ABB) Website User is concerned about how their personal information has been processed, please contact the American Business Bureau (ABB) at 1-877-712-7778.
Thank you.
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