American Business Bureau

"We Work Hard for Your Business!"

American Business Bureau - "We Work Hard for Your Business!"

Sales Opportunity

American Business Bureau
ABB Business Advisor Sales Opportunity
  • You don’t have to worry about sending an invoice to your client
  • You just sell the client and leave the rest to (ABB)
  • Your client will always be your customer
  • You get paid a renewal commission each year the client renews its (ABB) Membership
  • You set your own work schedule
  • You don’t have to ask for a reaise, you make your own raise
  • You set your own goals in accordance with your ambition
  • You have a private office in your home
  • You have no layoffs
  • You have no boss
  • You have your own website set up for FREE
  • You do not have Federal Income tax or FICA deducted from you commission statements
  • You set you own vacation and holiday schedules
  • You will need to purchase (ABB) business cards
  • You may need to pay for a county business license
  • You need to pay your own federal income & self employment taxes
  • You pay your own business telephone bill
  • You pay you own transportation charges
  • You aspire to augment your retirement income
  • You want to supplement your family’s income
  • You want a part time job with flexible hours
  • You want to develop long term business relationships
  • You want to develop a lucrative career while still working
  • You want to replace you income after becoming unemployed
  • You are a sales pro and tired of the accounting side of the sales process
  • You want to start & own your own small business
  • You are a self starter and highly motivated
  • You are an entrepreneur and achiever
  • You want to be the master of your own destiny
  • You want unlimited income potential & oportunity
  • You want residual income even when you are on vacation
  • The annual membership fee for each small business owner is
     $295.00 & $14.00 per month for the Family Legal Plan. Each
     small business owner personally receives:
FREE Personal Living Will / FREE Simple Will
FREE Personal Tax Preparation & Advice, Year Round
FREE Financial Education Hotline, Counseling, Advisory
FREE Personal Identity Theft Restoration Services / $25,000
40% Discount on Personal Attorney’s Fees / $125.00 Per Hour
BIG Discounts on a Wide Variety of Products & Services:
1.  Establishment of Corporation or LLC
2.  Establishment of Corporate Line of Credit
3.  Business Accounting Services
4.  Legal Services: Wills, Trust, Estate Planning
5.  Insurance: Personal & Business / All Lines
6.  Health Insurance: Group, Dental, Visual
7.  Appraisal & Valuation of Business Enterprise
8.  Buying & Selling the Business Enterprise
9.  Small Business Loans
10.Commercial Real Estate Loans
11.Asset Protection Services & Strategies
12.Business Tax Services
13.Business Travel Services
14.Business Advertising & Marketing Services
15.Leasing & Management Services
16.Retirement Vehicles: 401-K / SEP / IRA
17.Annuities & Life Insurance Services
18.Virtual Office Services
19.Automobile Purchase & Leasing Services
20.Office Cleaning Services
21.Business Hotel Services
22.Moving & Storage Services
23.Telephone & Communication Services
24.Office Cleaning Services
25.Consumer Arbitration Services
26.ABB Wall & Desk Plaque / Membership Card
27.Use of ABB Logo for Marketing & Advertising
28.Personal ABB Certified Business Advisor
29.ABB Business Help Line
  • You earn $100.00 each time you enroll a small business owner as an active member of the American Business Bureau (ABB)
  • You earn $100.00 each year the small business owner renews their membership in the American Business Bureau (ABB)
  • :  In one year you have enrolled 100 small business owners.  You would earn $100.00 x 100 = $10,000.00. 
  • , you would earn 10% Bonus on all Products & Services, as listed above, when purchased by the business owners you have enrolled for membership.  Your Residual Income would accumulate year after year into a sizeable paycheck.  NOTE: You would be building your own lucrative retirement program for both you and your family members.
  • , you will have the opportunity to enroll all of the small business owner’s employees and make $25.00 on each $95.00 annual employee membership fee and 10% on all Products & Services the employees would purchase once they are enrolled in the program.  Each employee would pay $14.00 per month and either pay by personal check or have it deducted from their payroll check by the small business owner’s accounting department. 
Example:  The employer has 25 employees that enroll in the program with the small business owner.  Each employee pays there annual membership fee of $95.00 plus $14.00 for their monthly Family Legal Program.  You would earn $25.00 x
25 = $625.00 and a bonus of 10% on all Products and Services purchased by each employee while they are employed with the small business owner.
If you have a burning desire to be successful and earn a great deal of money, please contact Dr. Eric T. Martin at (877) 712-7778. Thank you.